Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rand Doesn't Meet the Press

Three people have chosen to cancel appearances on Meet the Press in the show's 62-year history: Louis Farrakhan, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia and Rand Paul. Here's the opening from Sunday's show:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post-Primary Roundup

Last night was a fascinating night for Kentucky politics. I enjoyed live-tweeting it. Anyway, here's a round-up and what is left in the wake of the Senate race:
  • Rand Paul wins big over GOP/McConnell annointed Trey Grayson. I think the pundits have this wrong. To be sure there is an anti-incumbent movement afoot, but I don't think all of the focus is against Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Also, I don't think November is a cut-and-dry win for Paul like the national pundits suggest. 
  • Jack Conway pulled through a nailbiter last night. It reminded me of 2004, when Mongiardo had a big lead that ultimately dwindled to a loss to Jim Bunning. This time, Mongiardo was the Bunning but Conway held on. I look for the race in November to be particularly close, especially once more people hear Jack Conway and learn more about Rand Paul. As Conway said last night, "If you are a Democrat, an independent, or a Republican . . . you cannot afford Rand Paul." 
  • Trey Grayson lost with the support of the GOP establishment, but he certainly has some options available to him. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a GOP primary battle forming for next year's gubernatorial race between Grayson and Ag Commissioner and UK star Ritchie Farmer. Or maybe they could team up as a Gov-Lt. Gov ticket?
  • Daniel Mongiardo may be facing an interesting future. I've heard some talk of Mongiardo running for Congress in the 5th District. If he did, he'd be the most serious competition Hal Rogers will have faced in years. This might be when and where Dr. Dan should be elected!
Elsewhere, Joe Sestak defeated Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. For the first time in 30 years, there will be no Specter in the Senate. And in Arkansas, Sen. Blanche Lincoln  and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter will go to a runoff election.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Check out my live tweeting of election night coverage at!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Race for US Senate

In less than one week, the polls will have closed statewide in Kentucky's primary election. I've had some time to think about who I support in the race to replace Sen. Jim Bunning. Five are running as Democrats and each has his (or her) merits. The two major candidates are Jack Conway (Attorney General) and Daniel Mongiardo (Lt. Governor). One of the three "minor candidates" is Darlene Price (fmr border agent and whistle blower).

In 2004, I voted for Jim Bunning who narrowly defeated Daniel Mongiardo. Within hours of casting my vote, I regretted my decision. I tell this story because I fear that I may again regret my vote. I am torn between two candidates.

Those candidates are Jack Conway and Darlene Price. The two could not be more day and night. Both are liberal Democrats and both would make an excellent Senator. The difference is that Conway is a career politican, is well-spoken and has many supporters. Price is a long-shot, folksy outsider who has an incredibly strong platform. If more heard and listened to Price, the more people would like (and vote) for her. I heard her speak two months ago and left the room wanting to vote for Price, but in the past couple weeks my mind has led me back to Conway.

Here's why: Rand Paul may win the Republican primary. If he does, I don't believe he is electable across a broader electorate. Sure, he might win a Tea-Party influenced GOP primary, but he doesn't have the cross-over appeal that Trey Grayson would. For that reason, I want an electable Democrat. That means I need to put my efforts behind one of the two major candidates. And I strongly prefer Jack Conway over Dan Mongiardo.

Conway has the support of several Kentucky Democrats who I admire, including Crit Luallen, Wendell Ford and John Yarmuth. Dan Mongiardo is described as a Populist-Leaning Conservative. As a liberal Democrat, I want someone in Washington who represents my worldview. I believe that candidate is Jack Conway.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Blog

For about four years (2003-2007), I moderated a political blog. During that period, my political outlook evolved as did my worldview. I stopped writing that blog because the time requirement was too great. Since, I have attempted to venture into the political-blogging foray with little success. But I miss it.

So I now introduce you to Kentucky Politick. On my old blog, I had a number of short posts - often with multiple posts daily. Here, I will not do that. I may provide links to interesting articles or opinion pieces. I also will occasionally write long pieces outlining my thoughts on major issues affecting Kentucky, the nation and the world.